Ronald The Ref

Follow the rules….. or SIN BIN!

Cross Checking
To hold your stick with both hands across your chest and push out, striking another player with the shaft of your stick. This is a minor penalty. 2 Minutes. SIN BIN!
When a player throws or jabs their elbow into another player’s body. If seen by me or my linesmen, will result in a minor penalty. 2 Minutes. Take a seat…. SIN BIN!
When a player bodychecks another player and causes them to be thrown against the boards. This is a two minute penalty.
When a player takes more than three strides or leaves his feet to throw a bodycheck into an opposing player. This is also a minor penalty. SIN BIN!
If a player swings his stick at another player hard and intentionally, or uses his stick to push down on another player’s stick he will usually get a minor penalty.
A penalty that occurs when a player jabs the blade of his stick into another player. Minor or Major penalty depending on the circumstances.
A serious penalty in which a player is ejected from the game for 5 or 10 minutes or for the rest of the game. More serious infractions sometimes warrant a multiple Game Misconduct or suspension. Misconduct can include but not limited to, foul language directed at the Ref or other players, inciting an opposing player to commit a penalty, elbowing or tripping though penalties in their own right, can also earn the player an additional misconduct penalty.
Manhandling or getting into an altercation with another player. Minor two minute penalty.
When a player grabs on to another player and doesn’t let go for more than three seconds. This is a minor penalty.
When a player holds another player with his stick and tugs and holds him with his stick, he is called for a minor penalty.
High Sticking
When a player raises their stick above his shoulders and contacts the puck / ball or another player. Note : If a player’s face is cut and blood is visible because of a high stick infraction, the guilty player gets an extra two minutes in the penalty box, or a double minor..
Hit to the Head
When a player intentionally hits another player in the head. This is not tolerated in any League or Age group and can be heavily penalised depending on the severity of the hit.