Name : Matt Mason

Age : 29

Nationality : British

Age you first played : 11

Position : Defence

Shirt number : 6

Teams played for : Stone Cutters. Raiders. Both in SESHA, part of BISHA.

Highest level played : Represented the SESHA Division at the Nationals

Best moment : Playing at Birmingham Arena at the BISHA Nationals

Most embarrassing moment : When I was playing peewee hockey (age 11), I was given a 2 minute penalty and had to climb over the boards to get into the penalty box as they didn’t have doors at the venue where I used to play. Where I was very small and the boards were too high for me, despite trying like mad to jump over, I just couldn’t, so the ref had to help me and he sent me flying over the board head first, everyone in the place was cracking up, except me.

Favourite piece of kit : My Skates Alkali RPD


June 2015