Name : Brian Scholfield

Age : 55

Nationality : Canadian / British

Age you first played : I first played ice hockey at the age of 5, but Inline Hockey I didn’t try until I was 35.


Postion : Left Wing

Shirt number : 16

Teams played for : Town Of Cobourg (OMHL AA); University College (U of Toronto); Faculty Of Law (U of Toronto); Stray Cats (Toronto Summer Ball Hockey League. We played on foot as it was before Inline skates were invented!)

Highest level played :  Ontario Minor Hockey League (OMHL) AA Juvenile.

Best moment : Bringing my new girlfriend to watch one of my playoff games and then scoring 2 goals in a 3-2 win.

Most embarrassing moment : Expecting my new girlfriend to at least congratulate me on the great game, only for her to ask “who won?”.  (I don’t think she even watched!)

Favourite piece of kit : My Hockey Stick with the Curved blade (when I started playing, they only had straight stick blades, so it was hard to lift the puck).


July 2015