Name : Arkadiusz Nuegebauer

AKA : Arek

Age : 42

Nationality : Polish

Age you first played : I started playing ice hockey when I was 7 years old. It was for my Primary School’s team in Opole, my hometown in Poland. Not only did I make the team, but so did my two brothers and my cousin. Being that we shared the same surname and that we played fast and rough, it made us quite popular!

Position : Defender

Shirt Number : 7

Teams played for : OTH Opole

Highest level played : Represented my Region in the Playoffs.

Best moment : When I was about 10 years old my team and I travelled to the country that was known as Czechoslovakia back then, for a tournament. It was quite a big event for me. Not only were there other European countries taking part but it was also my first time abroad. It was not easy to travel back then due to the Communist Regime, but luckily sport was beyond all the political division, so we had the privilege of taking part. Despite losing all our games it was a great experience.

Most embarrassing moment : I remember during one of our games one of the opposing players checked me hard against the boards which as it turned out was the penalty gate. Unfortunately this gate wasn’t properly locked and as a result I found myself outside the ice rink which was rather embarrassing as everybody was laughing at me.

Favourite piece of kit : My skates. Bauer XR1’s


August 2015