Basic kit

Basic kit

You can hire equipment from D’sk8 skool for the Saturday sessions but when you are ready to get your own or want to join us on Sundays or Wednesdays this is what you need:

  • Skates: any basic Inline Skate will do as long as they fit comfortably.
    You may like to wear ski or walking type socks with them so remember to take these with you when you buy. You can get adjustable size skates for growing children.
  • Helmet: designed for skating or skateboarding – not a cycle helmet
    Cycle helmets are designed for forward impact and are unsuitable, and anyway, skate helmets look far cooler!
  • Protection: elbow and knee pads and wrist guards
    You will need them and they will save you a lot of pain!
    They come in different sizes and are either fixed on with velcro or slip on like a sock.

If you purchase from the UK all helmets, as well as children’s protective wear, is all rated at 0% VAT.

Hockey kit

In the interest of your own safety the club have a mandatory kit set that must be worn by individuals during a game. General skate protection kit will get you started, however it is nothing like the same as skate hockey specific kit.

Mandatory Basic Safety Kit

  • Helmet
    The most important piece of safety kit for hockey players.
    We would prefer players to have Hockey helmets preferably with a face guard however skate board helmets will be ok. Cycle helmets are not allowed as they are designed for front impact and give little protection at the back of the head. Players wearing glasses must have a visor or cage. Visors are not allowed for children. If your helmet doesn’t have a face guard wear a gum shield, dentist bills can be very expensive!
  • Knee and elbow pads
    No matter how good a skater you think you are in hockey collisions will happen so knee and elbow pads are to be worn.
    General skater pads are ok if you haven’t any hockey specific pads.
  • Shin pads: football shin guards will do

We use a hard ball and, as you would expect, at times this projectile will be travelling fast, so to avoid pain its worth thinking about kit that isn’t mandatory but sensible!

  • Gloves: padded hockey gloves are a useful addition to your kit. To protect hands from collisions with the ball or other hockey sticks
  • Padded Hip Girdle: (with a box that could save your manhood guys!) protects your coccyx at the base of the spine; hip bone and soft tissue on upper part of the leg
  • Hockey Stick: We would prefer that participants have their own equipment, however we have a very limited number of sticks to loan out on club nights on a first come first served basis. After a few weeks you will be expected to purchase your own stick. If you have a club stick it is your responsibility to make sure it is returned undamaged.

Hockey stick carriage is expensive so if you are considering purchasing your own, generally a group order is the best way to go.
If you want hockey specific kit this can be purchased locally through Gone Paddling or through UK suppliers such as Puckstop or ProlineskateseBay and Amazon are worth a look too as they often sell “last years” kit at a lower price. It is possible to buy kit from America on the internet but be minded that you may incur import taxes and GST and if goods have to be returned this can create more hassle and expense!

  • Clothing: The game on the court will make you very warm so wear good wicking clothes.
    If you haven’t got hockey pants, 3/4 length shorts work very well.
    If you wear long trousers make sure material won’t get caught in the wheels, a track suit with elasticized leg bottoms is good but a little warm.
    Hockey shirt or good wicking performance top.
    Club bibs will be provided for games.
  • Odd stuff: Bring some water or electrolyte for rehydration between games, drinks are not permitted on the court as spillages can be very hazardous and could cause injury to players slipping.
    If you are anything like me and sweat a lot it’s worth bringing a towel just to wipe away sweat between games.

Check out our buying guide.